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Vinho Verde Properly Explained – Portuguese Wine

One of the most misunderstood wine region by consumers. You would be amazed by the number of people I get here in Porto that are visiting and are disappointed that the wine isn’t green. And it is not only about tourists, unfortunately. Even locals, portuguese born and raised, as soon as they get something very […]

To Do in Porto

This post has nothing to do with wine, but I obviously get asked a million times where I recommend to eat and drink in Porto so here’s a list of my favourite spots. Favourite Classic spots of the city:– Casa Guedes, for a pork sandwich with mountains cheese (although, Mr.Guedes sold it last year. But still […]

How to buy Port Wine in Porto

Allow me to paint you an image: here we are, at de Lima’s Wine Bar doing our Tastings or somewhere in the Douro or Vinho Verde Wine Region doing a private wine tour and in the middle of having fun, learning loads about wine and having good food, someone asks “but how do I know […]

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