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Unique Wine Experiences in Porto

In our small, underground looking like cave wine spot, de Lima’s Wine Bar, we change people’s lives with exclusive wine tasting. No seriously, no nonsense, straight to the point wine tastings.
You’ll be able to know what you are getting at the wine shop or restaurant!

Your Very Own Wine Advisor

This website on top of being for booking unique wine experiences, it is about one more thing: YOU are just a person at home that wants to learn more about wine and make better purchase instead of being tricked by marketing. Buying wine the wrong way is on you now!

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Wine and Food Paring Cheat Sheet!

Wine and food… Food and wine. What a dilemma. We all have a different sensitivity to flavours. Some people like intense reactions while others find them unpleasant. Wine and food pairing should, therefore, take into account the preferences of the individual person. Taste buds are adapatable. Tasting food will affect the taste of the wine […]

How to buy Port Wine in Porto

Hi! I am Rafa, owner of de Lima’s Wine Experiences and a WSET level 4 student. I am here to help with your perception of Port Wine! Allow me to paint you an image: here we are, at de Lima’s Wine Bar doing our Tastings or somewhere in the Douro or Vinho Verde Wine Region […]

Best Value Portuguese Wines in New York

After this week’s wine event we had, which by the way thank you to everyone that made it really amazing, there was the need to make a shortlist of great value portuguese wines. Portuguese wines should be on your list for great value. Unbelivable what you get for under 20 bucks. That doesn’t mean every […]

Wishing you a life full of laughs and wine!