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I am slowly creating a small community of people that love wine so that I slowly educate you in this confusing world of wine. Join us and be part of a group to learn things about wine in a non snobby way!

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This  page  will  be  dedicated  to  grapes  and  most  common  wines  of  the  world.  No  more  excuse  about  not  knowing  how  much  tannins  your  reds  have  or  if  your  white  is  completely  the  opposite  of  what  you  thought  it  would  be.  Feel  free  to  reach  out  to  me  if  any  grape  isn’t  here  on  the  […]

Wine Words

This  page  will  be  dedicated  to  give  you  a  definition  of  what  some  of  the  words  we  use  actually  mean. Look  at  the  wine  folks  as  the  last  people  in  the  world  that  speak  Latin. We  have  our  own  terms  that  mean  something  very  specific  or  different  than  what  you  think  it  is. This  list  […]

To Do in Porto

This post has nothing to do with wine, but I obviously get asked a million times where I recommend to eat and drink in Porto so here’s a list of my favourite spots. Favourite Classic spots of the city:– Casa Guedes, for a pork sandwich with mountains cheese (although, Mr.Guedes sold it last year. But still […]

Wishing you a life full of laughs and wine!