This page will be dedicated to give you a definition of what some of the words we use actually mean. Look at the wine folks as the last people in the world that speak Latin. We have our own terms that mean something very specific or different than what you think it is. This list will constantly be updated with new terms.

Acidification - Adjusting the pH level to have a good acidity level. Usually done in warmer regions due to losing too much malic acids during the ripening of the grape. The result would be of low acidity and lacking freshness and this step is to adjust that.

Batonnage - The process of stirring the lees of the wine, which adds brioche, nuts, yeast, bread and toast aromas/flavours. It also gives you a fatty cheeks, mouth coating feeling.

Cold Soak - Most common for premium red wines, it happens after you crushed the grapes and have the juice and skin in a vessel and, before fermentation starts, you allow the juice to gently extract color, flavour and tannins at a cool temperature.

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