Wine Experiences

Unique Wine Experiences in Porto

In our small, underground looking like cave wine spot, de Lima’s Wine Bar, we change people’s lives with exclusive wine tasting. No seriously, no nonsense, straight to the point wine tastings.
You’ll be able to know what you are getting at the wine shop or restaurant!

Your Very Own Wine Advisor

This website on top of being for booking unique private wine tastings it is about two more things: We do online and in person consulting, for restaurants that can’t afford the wine pro, from wine list to advising on how to make more profit in your establishment; You are just a person at home that wants to learn more about wine and make better purchase instead of being tricked by marketing. From 1€ per month. Buying wine the wrong way is on you now!

Área do Assinante

Wishing you a life full of laughs and wine!