Porto Food and Drinks

Here’s a list of what I like to do downtown when it comes to my free time which is again around wine and food. These are the places I go more often.

Favourite Classic spots of the city:
Casa Guedes, for a pork sandwich with mountains cheese (although, Mr.Guedes sold it last year. But still worth it)
Gazela, for the little spicy hot dog called Cachorrinho (it is more of a mid afternoon snack)
Conga, for the Bifana sandwich. It is spicy, and it is more of a mid afternoon snack as well.

Classic dishes:
Francesinha, which is a dish that most international people are not very attracted to, but you should try. Where to eat it is controversial. Even in my group of friends we disagree. I love to go to Capa na Baixa and eat the Raínha that has the sirloin steak.
Pastel de Nata, which I highly recommend for you to get at regular Portuguese pastry shops instead of spots that exclusively make them.

Favourite Finer dining at around 30-50€ downtown:
Gruta (fish only)
Cantina 32
Eskalduna Studio (a bit more expensive)
Êlebé Restaurants
Raiz, a great all around restaurant and perfect if you want vegetarian options (I personally love the octopus and the lamb there though)
Restaurante Traça, especially for the Shank.

Favourite cocktail spots:
The Royal Cocktail Club (classy)
Torto (cool)

Favourite tapas spot: 
Taberninha do Manel (by the river)
Rua Tapas and Music (downtown)

Wishing you a life full of laughs and wine!