Wine Books

After working in luxury hospitality a bit all over and studying for the WSET I noticed that consumers skip very important basics. Before you worry about the soil of the vineyard, and the sun exposure or the altitute you have some basic exposure to go through.

Here you can find the first wine book you should go through. Wine Fundamentals: – Soil comes last. Learning how to shop and tasting 73 different wines come first – Will teach you the most important things about wine through learning basic wine tasting skills and through making you taste a lot of wines. In under 100 pages you will have enough exposure to feel much better around wine! PS: it does not prevent hangovers though 🙂

You can order here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0915Q93JF/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=rafael+de+lima&qid=1617029336&sr=8-4

Portugal Wine Regions and Wines

I am currently writing a very geeky wine book about Portugal. This will be the opposite of the book above. It will be extremely geeky and detailed. Please make sure to read the above first and understand it properly.

Expected to be published end of 2022.

Buy my wines

I am very pleased to be working on creating a mini wine list of wines that will be available to my clients in the US. Through a partnership with JD Selections, which has a portuguese wine club and imports portuguese wines to the US, I will be able to steal some room in their containers for you to order either to have at home or for our corporate events.

You can buy the wines here: https://www.jdselections.com/rafa

Soon I will create a list down here of wines available to purchase through my partnership with JD Selections. For now, I highly recommend to check out JD Selections Wine Club as it is more than a wine club. It is a whole portuguese experience brought to you in the US with food experiences as well. Use RAFA10 for a 10% discount!

(As we speak, only available in the US)

Wishing you a life full of laughs and wine!