Nicole & Raf’s Monthly Picks

We are all going crazy with these lockdowns. This winter will feel much longer than usual, it will be some crazy two-three months! That said, Raf and Nicole are partnering up to try to bring some joy! We are launching some kind of a Wine Social Club, where for the winter season, weekly, we will meet up and pick a wine to chat about but with a traveling side of it. Let’s share our stories. Let’s dream of all the things we will do and all the wine regions we will visit once this mess is done.

The reason why we are doing a weekly thing is to look forward to something every week. Like that Friday, meeting new people sharing stories and wine. There will be no format, and you don’t have to attend every week if you don’t want to, although the wine side of it will be organized and led by Nicole and Raf. But once we have the wine facts, we will just chat and connect. Q&A, random story that someone shares, whatever we feel like! Let’s be together. We miss the social side of our job!

How this will work

The weekly meet up will be every Friday at 8.30-9.30pm EST, limited to 10 people per session (If needed, we will consider having a second slot on another day). Every week we will choose a different wine region to talk about and we will recommend wines at different price points so you pick how much you spend.

You will get 10% off on any purchase you make from wine.com. I KNOW! you read it right, even for your own purchases you will be able to use that discount, so make sure to use it for your Christmas shopping! AAAND on top of it we created a Develop Your Palate wine list for you that you will get after you sign up!

After we go through the wine facts that we believe should be mentioned, we will do Q&A and just chat and hangout…

Once you book your spot you will get a confirmation email with instructions and a Zoom link to join!

PS: We expect to do this only for the winter season. Although, we will see in February what we think of it.

We can’t wait to hangout with you all!

(Memberships coming up soon, for now you have to book it individually)

Nicole & Raf

Videos Winebrary (not designed to buy individually, but to give extra love to subscribers. Masterclasses style layout coming up soon.)

Wishing you a life full of laughs and wine!